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Breaking Dawn Movie Tie-In and Collector's Edition Now Available!

Hopefully your wallets are ready because the Breaking Dawn Movie Tie-In Edition and Breaking Dawn Collector's Edition are now available in your local bookstores.

The Breaking Dawn Movie Tie-In Edition is now available on paperback for Php599 at Fully Booked and Php609 in National Bookstore. This comes with a Bella-Edward poster in the book jacket.

The Breaking Dawn Collector's Edition is also available on hardcover. Copies were spotted at Fully Booked Greenbelt 5 for Php1,160 and National Bookstore for Php1,219.

Thanks to Liam and Clair de Lune for the tip.


  1. Liam said...

    NBS changed the prices for the following:

    -Breaking Dawn Movie Tie-In with poster Php 609

    -Breaking Dawn Collector's Edition Php 1219

    For Fullybooked Trinoma, the price of the Movie Tie-in with poster is Php 599.

  2. sedie lewis said...

    Breaking Dawn Mass Market Paperback Php 325 at National Bookstore

    Breaking Dawn OST Php 450 at Astro Vision (haven't checked Odyssey, though)

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