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TCP "Breaking Dawn Pt. 2" Block Screening, November 15: Ticket Reservation/Sales

UPDATE (10/13; 11PM): All seats are already reserved :) However, you can still email your reservation info to us for the wait list should any of the slots free up after the Oct. 20 claiming date.


Twilight Coven Philippines is sponsoring a block screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, the last movie in the film adaptation of the Twilight Saga series. The TCP screening will be on Thursday, November 15 (the first day of regular screening) at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5 at 7PM.

Tickets are at Php220 each, but we will be selling at a discounted rate of Php200 for those who will be able to pay on or before the set ticket claiming date (Oct. 20). Each ticket will serve as your pass to the movie, a raffle, and other special events to celebrate the finale of our much-beloved series.


1) TCP Members (those officially registered in the TCP forum
can reserve their tickets starting Sept. 30, 7:00pm by sending a PM to TCP Co-Administrator Mabelle (Forum Username: mabelletaka) with the following information:

- Your full name
- Your contact number
- Your e-mail address
- Number of tickets to be reserved
Reservations via the Forum will only be accepted until Oct. 3, 11:59pm. Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and instructions regarding payments and claiming your tickets. If you miss the deadline, please follow instruction #2 below.

NOTE: It doesn't matter to us if your friends/companions are non-TCP members, as long as you (the person who is reserving) are a member.
2) Non-TCP Members can reserve tickets starting Oct. 4, 12:00am by sending an email to the admins at tcppromos(at)gmail(dot)com (Subject: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Ticket Reservations) with the following information:

- Your full name
- Your contact number
- Number of tickets to be reserved
Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and instructions regarding payments and claiming your tickets.
3) To ensure that all reserved tickets will be claimed and paid for and we don't end up with a bunch of reserved but unclaimed tickets, the ticket claiming will be done on Oct. 20 4-7PM at Starbucks 6750 in Makati (further instructions will be sent in the confirmation email). All tickets paid on or before Oct.20 will be charged the discounted rate of Php200 each.

 If, for some reason, you already have a confirmed reservation but suddenly cannot make it to the claiming date, you can send a representative to claim your tickets for you. Please inform us a day before the claiming date (at the latest) so we can send you further instructions.
NOTE 2: If you are unable to make it to the claiming date and can’t send a representative, you can still pay the discounted rate of Php200 only if you have sent the ticket payment via our representative bank account. Only deposits before Oct. 20 can avail of the discounted rate. Inform us in your reservation message/email if you wish to pay via bank deposit instead of meet-up so we can send you further instructions.
NOTE 3: If you fail to pay your ticket on the claiming date, you'll have to go through the whole process again and re-send your reservation request via tcppromos(at)gmail(dot)com. Remember that all reservations after Oct. 20 will be charged the regular rate of Php220.
NOTE 4: Even if you did not send a reservation request, you can meet with the Admins during the claiming date to buy tickets as long as there are still unreserved ones. If all the tickets have been reserved by the time you arrive, you can try again during the Free Selling Dates; just make sure to check the Ticket Sales status here on the site.

4) If you cannot make it to any of the Reserved Ticket Claiming Dates, you can still buy tickets during the Free Selling Dates, which is TBA. Of course, if there are no tickets to sell anymore, these Free Selling Dates will be cancelled. Make sure to regularly check the Ticket Sales status here on the site.

5) The screening will be Free Seating.

6) Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

7) All other instructions for claiming tickets will be sent to you in your confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, please re-send your request. No confirmation e-mail, no reservation.

We will post a daily log of the number of seats available to update everyone of the status of ticket sales. We will also update you on the special events connected to the movie as soon as they are finalized with our event partners.

This is the last movie of the series so we are looking forward to sharing the experience once again in a cinema full of fellow Twilighters. For those who have been to our previous screenings, you know that we give away a lot of freebies and prizes so be sure to come and invite your friends!

If you have concerns, please post a comment. When posting a comment, please include your name, even if it's just an online nickname; it's not fun answering the questions of several "Anonymous" people. ;)


  1. Sarah Mae A.Malto said...

    on or before oct. 20. how can we pay earlier than oct. 20? thanks!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I sooooooo can't wait!

  3. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    @Sarah Mae: you can pay earlier than Oct. 20 if you opt to send your payment via bank deposit. Just mention in your reservation message or email that you prefer to deposit than picking up the ticket at the meet up

  4. kit briones said...

    sent my pm already!
    excited for our last blocked screening :)

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