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A Crazy Week for Twilight!

So much has happened in the Twilight world over the past week, it's hard to keep up! Hype around the movie is definitely building up, and we couldn't be any happier about it!

The folks at MTV in particular have been dutifully giving Twilight fans heaps of news and updates:

"I don't know - they've got brooms!"

This video had Twilight fans buzzing with delight as MTV had its first encounter with most of the movie's main cast.

Twilight Tuesdays @ MTV

"Every Tuesday is "Twilight Tuesday" here at MTV News! Check back here each and every week for the hottest scoop on the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's beloved vampire series, and we'll still bring you breaking "Twilight" news throughout the rest of the week. And make sure you check out the MTV Movies Blog for our ongoing "Twilight" discussions each and every day."

"No one bothers Stewart between takes as she comes back from whatever place she has to go to find her sorrow. On almost every occasion, it is Pattinson who will eventually walk over, give her shoulder a light rub, and bring her back for the next take. If chemistry is a concern to the "Twilight" fans, they can sleep well from here on out."

A Special Message To The Newly Named ‘Twilight’ Fans, Straight From The Stars

"You might also notice that throughout the piece, we’re calling the “Twilight” fanbase one name. And that’s because our recent “Twi-Hards, Twilighters or Something Else?” poll has officially come to a close!"

Thanks minamic for posting updates at the forum!

If you have any updates or news on Twilight, drop us a line at twilightcoven@gmail.com so we can share it with everyone else! :)


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