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You know you're obsessed with the Twilight Series when...

Inspired by Shara's blog post. Her sure signs include:

1) Starting an email thread with the subject "EDWARD CULLEN and other stuff" and replying to every thread while pretending to work in the office
2) Scouring Dumaguete for a copy of the series (err, guilty as charged here!)
3) Receiving half-naked photos of Jacob Black and other inappropriate photos through the office email
4) Swearing all men off (from this point on) because no will ever compare against the insanely perfect and ridiculously moral vampire with the most beautiful crooked smile
5) Illegally downloading Eclipse through limewire while in the provance because it was sold out in National Bookstore and Fully Booked
6) Going to sites like www.twilightlexiconblog.com, www.robert-pattison.co.uk, www.twilightnovel.com, www.thetwilightmovie.com for photos, news and other beautiful junk and passing it off as 'research'
7) Checking flight ticket prices online to see how much it costs to fly to Oregon and get on the movie set
8) Using quotes and verbiage in daily speech
i.e."I'm betting on Alice" = I'm absolutely positive that it will happen
Person 1: How sure are you that you won't come in late tomorrow?
Person 2: I'll be there. I'm betting on Alice.
9) Creating a playlist based on the book, stephenie meyer's playlist and all other other songs that could possibly be part of Bella's OST
10) Writing all of this down... and inviting you guys to support http://twilightcovenph.blogspot.com.
(Shars! Hope it's okay that I copied this from your blog! Lemme know if you want me to bring it down! Hehe :D)

What are your sure signs that you've become obsessed with Twilight? Share it with us at the forum!


  1. lara said...

    Hi...im from dumaguete and im obsessed with the Twilight Series..havent read Eclipse yet coz NB is still ordering it...

  2. mikoy said...

    Hey there! I'm 24 and I'm very much obsessed with the Twilight series, I had all the books reserved sa Powerbooks even before ma-realese, including The Host. Grabe! I would start talking about the story the moment na meron akong makakausap ng matagal. I super love it. I think 3 times ko na nababasa ung 3 books, I can't wait for August (Breaking Dawn). and December (Twilight movie). Nakaka-frustrate kapag wala akong makausap na Twilight addict den... I forced my bestfriend to read the series also, she likes it pero she's not as obsessive as me. And my friendster shout out would always be quotes from the series.

  3. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    Hi Lara!

    Oh no, I might have gotten the last two copies early April when I was there! I got them at the Siliman University branch. I hope they get new copies soon! :D

  4. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    Hey mikoy! Do join the forums - lots of Twilight fans in there! We're also planning a launch event for Breaking Dawn and maybe a book discussion on the whole series...we'll update you as soon as we get details! :)

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