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New Twilight Movie Photos from the LA Times

The LA Times has an article about the Twilight film. The online version may be found HERE.

One of the most interesting excerpts from this article has something to do with The Game:

In it, two players "are in competition to catch the same ball and have a huge, crazy midair collision 20 feet up in the air when a huge crash of thunder resounds," making it appear as though their clash created the resounding boom. One of them also "totally climbs up a tree crazy-style and catches a ball midair -- like way at the top of the tree. It's a really fun stunt."

There are also cool production anecdotes from when they were shooting The Game, as well as Robert commenting about the online flak he initially got when it was first announced he was cast as Edward. Hit the link above to read the full article.

Twilight fan, Starspent, took the time to scan the photos that accompanied the article that was printed in the paper edition. I've posted them below, but please give her some love by visiting her blog.

Director Catherine Hardwicke and the crew

James, Laurent, and Victoria

Bella and Edward (check out that fantastic scenery)


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