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News Round-up: May 20

Cross-posted from NewWorlds.ph

MTV’s Twilight Tuesdays continues with a video interview with actor Taylor Lautner (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl) who plays Jacob Black in the upcoming Twilight film. In the video, he talks about interviewing members of the Quileute tribe as part of his research for his role, and he reveals his favorite line in the books. [MTV Movies]

Stephenie Meyer’s favorite film critic, Eric Snider (who is awesome), posted an amusing article about the Twilight phenomenon. [Film.com]

Finally, a very resourceful Twilight fan found out something interesting that will happen on August 1, the day before Breaking Dawn, book 4 of the Twilight series is set to be released (Beware, it might make sense only to Twilighters): After Twilight on August 1, we will see a New Moon. On the same day, there will also be a total solar Eclipse. The next morning, we will finally have Breaking Dawn. [Good sleuthing by Nicole of TwilightSeriesTheories.com] And to make the coincidence even freakier, this type of eclipse is called a Midnight Sun eclipse because it is visible in regions experiencing a “midnight sun”. [Spotted by Meann of NewWorlds/Twilight Coven Phils. while researching on Wikipedia]


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