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Would you attend a 'Breaking Dawn' launch event / release party in the Philippines?

You've probably already marked August 2, 2008 in your calendars and you just can't wait for that all-important day when you can finally get your hands on the fourth book of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. But how do you feel about lining up with other Twilight fans for your copy of "Breaking Dawn", and maybe having a few gushing sessions about Edward Cullen, and a bit of Twilight fun and games after? Let us know if you're game for a launch event for "Breaking Dawn" in the Philippines!

Moderator's note: so far, neither Powerbooks nor Fully Booked has any launch event or release party planned for Breaking Dawn. But if enough of us are willing to have one, we at TwilightCovenPh can try and work it out with either of the two bookstores to set up an event for Philippine Twilight fans! So cast your votes now and let us know what you want!



  1. Anonymous said...

    A Breaking Dawn release party would be a great idea! Fully Booked doesn't seem to have gotten on the Twilight/Stephenie Meyer bandwagon so much, which is a pity as FullyBooked at Bonifacio High Ridge would be the perfect venue. Powerbooks and NBS are much more active in carrying the Twilight books. You will have to verify also when BD will actually be released. It's funny that according to the official websites, Meyer's "The Host" is scheduled for release on May 6 yet, be we have had copies out for weeks already! I hope that a similar thing will happen with Breaking Dawn. Anyway, the official release is on a weekend, so attendance at a book release will be tremendous, guaranteed.

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