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A Message from Stephenie regarding Breaking Dawn

From StephenieMeyer.com

It's almost August, and I'm counting down to the release of Breaking Dawn just as anxiously as you are! I can't wait to finally be able to discuss everything that happens in Breaking Dawn with you. I want to give a heads up to everyone going to the Breaking Dawn Concert Series events in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle: I am going to talk about it all, so bring earplugs if you haven't finished reading Breaking Dawn by then! (If you're going to the first event in New York, it will be spoiler free.)

Speaking of spoilers, I want to ask you guys for a favor. As we saw with Eclipse (not to mention that last Harry Potter book), there is always the potential for copies of the book to be leaked early. My publisher is doing everything they can to prevent this, but there is only so much that can be done. This is the favor: if someone, somewhere, somehow, gets a copy early, I'm asking you to please not post any spoilers on the internet. And if you see something, please don't spread it around. Breaking Dawn was meant to be experienced in a certain way, and I would hate for someone to get that experience ruined by seeing something online they didn't want to see. My fans have been super cool about this in the past—last year in particular you guys went above and beyond to protect Eclipse until the release date—and I hope that we'll have the same positive experience this year.

If somebody does post a spoiler (and remember there will be a lot of hoaxes out there—do not believe everything you read: Bella gets eaten by a polar bear, anyone?), I'd love your help in getting them taken down. My publisher has set up a special e-mail account, bdcopyrightviolation@hbgusa.com, for fans to alert us to spoilers that appear online. PLEASE only send links to spoilers. E-mails about events, contacting me, etc. will not be returned.

Another thing you may notice close to the release of Breaking Dawn is that the message boards on several fansites will be taken down. They are doing this as a favor to me because I want to protect you all from stumbling upon something that could ruin the book for you. There will be plenty of time to discuss all the details of the book after August 2nd.

Finally, I don't think I could ever thank all of you enough for being so devoted to this series. You've proved over and over again that you are the best fans in the world. I hope that together we can make sure everybody gets to experience Breaking Dawn that way it was intended — on August 2nd.

We're almost there!


Twilight Coven Philippines will be posting our Breaking Dawn Spoiler Policy in the next few days. :)


  1. Anonymous said...

    hi i'm a random but i am totally in love with the twilight series and am waiting at the edge of my seat for the fourth book. This obsession seems to be an international thing because i live in Scotland and everyone here is crazy about the books to. I'm sooo execited for the film to come out as well, i hope it does the book justice. I was wondering do you know any guys who have read twilight because i am so interested to see why the like raeding the books because i know since i am a teenage girl i am a sucker for romance. If you know anyone could you tell them to leave me a comment a really want to know their reasons.

    last of all(sorry to ramble on) but i love your site. I have just started my blog but i am hoping that it looks as good as yourz soon

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    hello there! we have several members who are guys, actually. but you'll have a lot of fun reading "twilight guy" stories from THE Twilight Guy himself! :)


    good luck with your blog, and thanks for dropping by. :)

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