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Stephenie confirms something from Breaking Dawn to Entertainment Weekly

When that controversial Entertainment Weekly cover came out weeks ago, Twilighters almost crashed EW.com's servers. Well, it looks like EW.com had better beef up their servers again because Stephenie just announced this on her website:

"We only have a few days until the release of Breaking Dawn. To reward all of you for being so patient, I have confirmed exclusively with Entertainment Weekly one thing that happens in Breaking Dawn — and it will be posted at EW.com on Monday. As you all know, I'm against spoilers, but I know there is a desire for ANYTHING about the book. But please proceed to EW.com with caution. This is truly the only thing I am comfortable with being out before August 2nd, so this in no way gives anybody free reign to post spoilers. Let's keep the rest of the book secret — we can do it!" --Steph

EW.com will also be publishing their exclusive interview with Ms. Meyer on Friday. Keep watching EW.com's Comic Con coverage page here for that interview, as well as more from Summit Entertainment's presentation about Twilight at SDCC.


  1. lexaprone said...

    All that ComicCon coverage makes me wish I was in San Diego. If I get crushed in the Twilight section, I can always go to The Watchmen. Thanks, CDL for the EW update, and everything you guys at the Coven are dishing out.

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Yeah, I'm envious of the people who were at Comic Con as well! And not just because of Twilight. :D It would've been fun to run into Hugh Jackman too. LOL.

    You're welcome, lexaprone. :)

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