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Twilight at SDCC2008: Two Robert Pattinson interviews (MTV, LA Times)

MTV and the LA Times have posted their one-on-one interviews with Robert Pattinson. Here are some highlights.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson's Comic Con Beatles Moment - MTV
  • Pattinson: Wow. When I was entering the building, I saw a girl, and she was so baffled [by me]; she just looked so underwhelmed. I'm like, "Don't worry. I get that all the time."
  • Robert has been to "Dr. Who" conventions in England. He considers himself a computer game geek.
  • He's always wanted to play Gambit from "X-Men" in a movie.
  • MTV: Are there any questions you fear? Like the super-geeky ones?
    Pattinson: No, I'm fine with those ones. Specific questions I'm fine with, about any topic in the world. But things like, "What's the movie about?" and "What character do you play?" I always stumble. I crumble when I get those; I just can't explain it.
  • If he ever came to Comic Con as a regular fan, he'd dress up as Charlie Chaplin or... "Spider-Man. I like the outfit; I like a little bit of spandex." (Ooookay!)

Twilight star Robert Pattinson talks about the Entertainment Weekly cover - LA Times
  • LAT: First things first: Let’s talk about that EW cover.
    Robert: Um, I guess my hair turned into a little bit of a toupee, didn’t it? I don’t know what happened. Laughs. I just sort of was like, it’s only out for a week anyway.
  • About Midnight Sun, Robert said: "Bella never knows what’s going on inside Edward’s head. Throughout the entire series of books, she never really knows who he is. In 'Midnight Sun,’ you find that he hides a lot from her, you find out the things that he’s hidden. Even basic things like there are other vampires who are going to kill her; I mean he kind of lies about it for ages."
  • He was in Portland 2 months before even Catherine Hardwicke was there for the shoot. He wanted mostly to get used to the American accent.
  • He didn't keep any "journal" while he was preparing for the movie. He only wrote notes on his copies of the script.
Click the links above to read the interviews in their entirety.


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