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Warning: Breaking Dawn spoilers are lurking online!

The administrators of TCP have learned that spoilers for Breaking Dawn are now floating in cyberspace. And no, not the one that Stephenie Meyer announced via Entertainment Weekly.

According to reports, Hong Kong released the books the other day (we have absolutely no idea why). Someone apparently posted the Epilogue online.

Anyway, please consider this a warning when surfing Twilight websites and communities. And consider this your warning as well, that if you post said spoilers in the Forum or in our Multiply comments, not only will we ban you from the group, but we will report you to Hachette, as Steph instructed.

We're going to try our best to monitor the comments in all our sites and ensure that spoilers, if any, are dealt with immediately. No need to worry if you're only checking this blog, comments are moderated, and the chatbox has been locked temporarily. But be careful when you're out there surfing. Remember, as they say in that other fandom, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

If we learned anything from Alice and Jasper as they were babysitting Bella during The Hunt, it's being patient. 4 days to go, guys! We can do this!

UPDATE: More reports say that a store in Texas allegedly "made the mistake" of selling early. We still don't know how in the world they can make a mistake, considering these stores have explicit instructions from the publisher and they signed contracts. Who knows if these reports are true at all? But from experience during the release of Deathly Hallows, among the fake spoilers, real ones actually did slip through.

UPDATE #2: The HGE fansite has reported seeing a Breaking Dawn spoiler, specifically from the Epilogue of the book, attached to the end of a copy of a MTV Twilight Tuesday video on YouTube! So if you want to watch a Twilight Tuesday video, don't watch it on YouTube, go straight to the source: watch it on MTV.com!

Brace yourselves, fellow Twilighters!


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