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August 27: News Links

This photo was added to the Twilight Behind the Scenes Photos album:

Source: Empire Magazine

BAE also has scans of the issue of Empire Magazine where this photo appeared. It's the same issue where Rob Pattinson was infamously quoted as saying: "Edward is a 108-year-old virgin, so he's obviously got issues." :p


The PopWatch blog over at Entertainment Weekly has a short review of the 1st Chapter of Midnight Sun. Chapter 1 may be downloaded from Stephenie Meyer's website. (Warning: The comments in the PopWatch article has potential spoilers from the alleged leak of Chapters 1-12 of Midnight Sun. Although the authenticity of the "leak" has not yet been confirmed, we advice those who are sensitive to spoilers to skip reading the comments.)


Time for this week's Twilight Tuesdays over at MTV!

MTV has announced that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will be presenters at the MTV Video Music Awards, airing September 7 in the U.S. In the same article, we also learn that Taylor will soon be starring in NBC's new series, My Own Worst Enemy, where he'll be playing the role of Christian Slater's character's son. Way to go, Taylor! :) Learn more about this news item at MTV.

Link: Twilight stars to present at VMAs at MTV


Amazon.com also has an image of a new cover for the movie tie-in mass market paperback edition of Twilight.

They've posted a different cover before, one which shows the other members of the Cullen family, so we're not sure which one is really the final cover (unless the first one is for the trade paperback).


Last but not least, bellaandedward.com have posted photos from the Twilight Saga Book Discussion that we co-organized with Powerbooks, held last August 16 at Powerbooks Greenbelt. Thanks to Orange of Twilight Addicts.


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