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MTV | Stephenie Meyer Reacts To Harsh Reader Complaints -- 'It Hurts'


And other readers are giving Meyer grief about the fact that Bella does get a "happily ever after" without having to make any major sacrifices.

"I think she worked for it pretty hard," Meyer countered. "It doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes you make a decision about what you want and you pay for it and you suffer for it and it doesn't work out. Those types of stories always leave me horribly depressed. I'm not going to live in a world for a year at a time where that's going to be the ending. If people wanted a really depressing, tragic ending, I gave them a lot of hints that it wasn't going to be that way. They really shouldn't have been surprised!"


Meyer did seem taken aback by the "don't burn it, return it" threats. "I've read a lot of books that I didn't like very much, and that thought never occurred to me, because I had read them! I hadn't heard of [doing] that before. That's not fun to hear."

Read the whole story here.


  1. Caths Deen said...

    I personally didn't like Breaking Dawn. To be completely frank, it's not the happily-ever-after bit that angered me (this seems to be what SM was implying). It's really the inconsistency of themes, sloppy writing and all to convenient ending that really angered me. From all the backlash reports, I believe I am not alone. If SM feels hurt, I also feel awfully betrayed and hurt as a fan. See my review here.

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