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"Twilight" Advance Script Review

CC2K.us has an advance (no spoilers!) review of the script of the Twilight film on their website.

The review is quite positive, noting that the writers have managed to make a script that adequately condenses the book into a cohesive film of moderate length, and one that will not confuse those who haven't read the book. It also notes that the writers have taken advantage of Bella's first-person point of view to build some suspense in the story.

Most of the major characters were also written in, but some of their scenes from the book, especially Jacob's, were omitted. However, the nomad vampires' scenes seem to be extended, as the script apparently shows us what they are up to before the Cullens encounter them.

The reviewer also issues a fair warning to audiences who do not know Twilight: even though there were action scenes shown in the last trailer, the film remains a love story at its heart.

Read the full review here.


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