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Wall Street Journal | Q&A with Stephenie Meyer

Link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121727805625790873.html?mod=blogs

The Wall Street Journal: How would you describe the "Twilight Saga" series to people who aren't familiar with it?

Stephenie Meyer: On the surface, it's easy to say it's a vampire romance. But that brings to mind a story with a much darker feel. My books are about being human. They're also an exploration of love, of how much you're willing to give, and how you balance everything.

WSJ: "Breaking Dawn" closes the series, at least as told through Bella's eyes. Were you able to tie up all the storylines?

Mrs. Meyer: I was very satisfied with the end, but I wouldn't say it's completely tied up. Life doesn't work that way. The characters seem real to me, so you can't say that's the end. Nothing is really final. Readers will get the sense of closure. But they'll still want to know what happens next. There are always more stories.

WSJ: You published your first adult novel this year. Will there be more, and if so, what are your thoughts on the types of books you would like to write?

Mrs. Meyer: I really want do a bit of everything. I have a ghost story I'm working on that will be finished in a year, although I don't think of it in terms of adult or young adult. When I'm done, I'll see what my agent thinks. And I have one about mermaids kicking around, although that one is more problematic. I do seem to be attracted to fantasy.

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