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Kellan and Robert shed light on the mystery of the reshoots

Once and for all, what were those reshoots really all about?  MTV talked to Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson, and they explained what was really going on.

It was previously reported that most of the reshoots were actually for new scenes.  Peter Facinelli has already said that they were for flashback scenes, but in addition, some smaller scenes were reshot, like the bedroom scene, the prom, and parts where Robert was playing the piano.  Kellan, however, has provided even more details about the new flashback scenes:
In the novel, 17-year-old Bella learns of an old peace treaty that was made between a family of vampires and the Quileute Indian tribe, in which the vampires have agreed not to feed on humans (or convert any more vampires) in exchange for being allowed to live peacefully in Forks, Washington. Instead of just showing Bella listening as young Quileute Jacob tells her the story, Lutz said, "we are actually showing the scenes from back in the day ... what actually went on.

"That's so when it's mentioned, people actually have a sense and a vision of really what it was about," Lutz added, "and whose territory was where."
Robert also spoke about the fate of his version of Bella's Lullaby.  More information about this story here.

In related news, Kellan has also weighed in on the whole Midnight Sun issue.  Read the full story here.


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