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News Round-Up: September 10

Stephenie will appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on September 17 in the US!  Ellen airs locally on 2nd Avenue at 7pm and 12mn.  You can check 2nd Avenue's site to find out when this episode will be on.  The new season is already being shown here (darn, missed the Jonas Brothers.  Heh.)  We're one day behind, so most likely, the episode with Steph will air on Thursday, September 18.  [Thanks, Lexicon, for the original info.]

Blast Magazine is reporting that the Twilight film will not be shown on IMAX in the US.

There are new character posters released:  Jacob and Edward.  You will find them here in our Multiply photo album.  [Thanks, HGE]

And of course, it's Twilight Tuesday on MTV, and this week, Dr. McDreamy himself is featured in another interview.  Peter Facinelli talks to Larry Carroll about the first time he read Twilight, the vampire baseball scenes, what Team he is on and about the biggest practical jokester on set -- Edi Gathegi -- and what he and Edi did to poor Jackson Rathbone.  [Link: Peter Facinelli Reveals On-Set Pranks |  Peter Facinelli talks Vampire Baseball]


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