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News Round-up: September 6

The Twilight Collector's Edition is now available for pre-order on Amazon:

This edition features:
* Ribbon bookmark
* Cloth cover
* Ragged page edges
* New chapter opener designs
* Protective slipcase

It is due out October 15th in the U.S.  If we get more information about local availability, we will post it here.

There is now more information about the music video that Stephenie conceptualized for the band Jack's Mannequin's upcoming single, The Resolution, from set reports in California by the LA Times and MTV.  

Steph got her idea for the video from the lyrics of the song:  "I can hear the sound of your voice still ringing in my ear/ I'm going underground but you find me anywhere I fear."  In the video, Andrew McMahon, lead singer for the band, is being pursued by a mermaid who would do anything to seduce him.  He tries to resist, and drives away from the ocean with his piano on his truckbed.  The mermaid is persistent, though, and she follows him across the desert and up the hillside as the water rises.  In the end, Andrew will not be able to resist, and he will abandon his piano and jump into the ocean.

Andrew revealed that the song was actually about him overcoming leukemia, but they chose Steph's concept based on the lyrics because the band thought it had a very strong visual impact because of the fantasy element.

Steph also said that even if she is credited as a co-director for the video, she is more of a Creative Consultant who is "making sure the vision looks right."  Most of the directorial duties are handled by a real director, Noble Jones.

Jack's Mannequin's Dark Blue is also in Steph's Breaking Dawn playlist.  The band was in talks for the Breaking Dawn Concert Series, but had problems reconciling their schedule with the tour.  Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October eventually joined Steph for the 4-city tour.

The Glass Passenger, which includes The Resolution, is due out on September 30 from Warner Bros. Records.  

More information, pictures, and videos can be found in the set reports linked below.

Contributing Sources:  MTV | LA Times Soundboard
Photo:  Andrew McMahon and Stephenie Meyer on the set of the music video in Malibu, California.  (Source:  The LA Times / Warner Bros. Records)


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