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Stephenie reveals more about the Jack's Mannequin music video

Stephenie has posted an update on her MySpace blog regarding her part in the making of Jack's Mannequin's latest music video, The Resolution.
I have decided that I will focus on the positive for as long as I can stand my own annoying cheeriness. Go-go-gadget optimism!

In keeping with that goal, I figure now is a good time to explain my current happy distraction. People have been asking me "What's the deal with you directing a music video? That's cool but... so random." I couldn't agree more.

She goes on to explain that Jack's Mannequin approached a music promoter who happens to be her friend, and they said they were interested in her coming up with a treatment for their latest music video. She submitted 2. The band chose the treatment Steph describes as "a very pretty, very dark little fable."

The band also wanted to ensure that her vision of the video is preserved, so they asked if she wanted to direct the video as well. Steph reveals that there will be a professional music video director on board that will guide her throughout the whole thing.

More details at Steph's MySpace.

Link: Positivity and rock brilliance at Stephenie's MySpace page


  1. Carina said...

    I can't wait to see how the video turns out! I look forward to seeing it :)

    Btw, I'm glad there's a good reliable source for all things Twilight here in the Philippines. I'm being driven up the wall with all the foreign subscriptions. It's good to have something so close to home.

    TY guys! And keep up the awesome work :D

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