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News Round-Up: October 1

RobertPattinsonsource.org features a new photoshoot outtake for Entertainment Weekly, taken by Jeff Riedel for the July 2008 issue. Let us know what you think of this picture in our comments page, especially compared to the cover.

Update: Everglow has a fantastic HQ version of the outtake here.

Cam Gigandet, who portrays James in the upcoming Twilight movie, is on this week’s Twilight Tuesday on MTV. He shares how he got into acting, his previous works, his Twilight audition, and his take on portraying the sinister James. He also goes into detail on how he and Robert Pattinson got covered in chicken, honey, Swiss cheese (so just imagine that while watching the movie) during their fight scene.

Elizabeth Reaser (Esme on the Twilight movie) is featured on Hollywood 411. You can watch it here.

Popstar.com is now accepting questions for their upcoming interview with Michael Welch, who plays Mike Newton in the Twilight movie. Send in your questions here.

Another article featuring the collaboration of Jack's Mannequin with Stepehenie Meyer in their music video The Resolution is on Teen Vogue.

As we've reported before, Perry Farrell (formerly of Jane's Addiction) is contributing a song to the Twilight movie soundtrack. MTV reveals more details on the song, entitled Go All the Way. In a statement by Farrell, this song "conjures up that adolescent feeling when a young man, who has been pursuing a girl he really likes, finally gets her. It's about the intense emotions when they go all the way."


  1. lexaprone said...

    I don't like Kristen holding the apple. Period. In the novel, the apple is symbolic. In the EW pics, it looks out of place.

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