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Help make "Decode" number 1!

"Decode" by Paramore, that wonderful single from the upcoming Twilight soundtrack, is now being played in several radio stations. Help "Decode" get to the number one spot in the local countdowns! Contact your favorite radio stations now, and keep requesting them to play the song. :)


RX 93.1
Text 29761931 or
Text RX message, then send to 2299 or
Dial 631-9393
YM ID's: daily_survey@yahoo.com

Magic 89.9
Text Magic899 to 2968
Dial 631-0899


If you know the contact info of other radio stations that are playing "Decode", please let us know by posting a comment. :)

Don't forget that the official Twilight soundtrack will be released in local stores by Warner Music Philippines starting November 4.


  1. apple said...

    may i just ask how much the soundtrack would cost? thanks!

  2. maphnie said...

    I think only magic 89.9 at rx 93.1 are the radio stations playing it. Tune in to rx 93.1 daily survey (12nn-2pm?) so that you'd know how's the song doing in the charts.

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    APPLE: We don't know yet, but it should cost whatever the standard price is of CDs nowadays. around... 450? But we'll post once we've confirmed.

  4. minami said...


    it's in the charts already? that's so cool. :)

  5. issa said...

    yesterday, no. 1 sya sa magic top 5 at 5. :D

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