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Twilight ImPRINTS Week 5: Clue #4

Today's clue is from Breaking Dawn (Hardcover and Trade Paperback Editions).

Page 125, Line 20, Word 7

This is the last clue for the week. If you've found all the right words, you will form a statement that will give you an idea about Twilight Coven Philippines' other new project aside from Postcards for Stephenie. *wink wink*

We will give an extra New Moon Temporary Tattoo + a Breaking Dawn Sticker Set to the first person who will email us their idea of what the new project is, based on the complete statement for Twilight ImPRINTS Week 5. Of course, you have to get it right to win the extra prizes. :p Please read the contest mechanics here and follow the instructions for sending in your answer for the week, then just add what you think the new TCP project is.

We will still conduct a regular raffle among those who will send in correct statements for Week 5. The regular winner will get also get a New Moon Temporary Tattoo and a Breaking Dawn Sticker Set, but will get the additional 5 TCP Button pins of his/her choice. :)

Good luck!


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