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  1. xodarlenexo said...

    i got quite bitin with the movie.it was ookey though if you still hadn;t read the book,but if you already did, well, in my own opinion, i was frustrated because some scenes which were supposed to be the highlight like the chase, were cut sooo short and there were some kilig scenes that weren;t there like the clinic scene.=)

  2. lexaprone said...

    What's the MTRCB rating? Is it still unknown? If it's PG-13, my poor Freshmen will be heartbroken...

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    LEXAPRONE- I updated the info, it's PG-13. :)

  4. anacarmeladc said...

    It was okay. But I wasn't that satisfied. I was actually looking forward to see the BLOODTYPE chapter... haha...but that's fine though, I enjoyed the BASEBALL Game team.. and I was dazzled by Rob Patt. haha

  5. bea said...

    I'm not really certain on how I feel about the movie. I didn't want to expect much and just enjoy the movie as it is but it was difficult. The baseball scene was amazing, I also wanted to see the bloodtyping part, unfortunately it wasn't there. Rob and Kristen definitely have chemistry in the movie.

    I don't really know why I feel that it lacks something.

    Independently, the scenes were good, in general well I really don't know.

  6. Jei said...

    About the Bloodtyping scene, I've seen on one interview with the writer, Melissa Rosenberg, they really did not include the bloodtyping scene because they don't want to have too many scenes where Edward rescues Bella.

    The link on the interview is somewhere here on TCP, if you want to see it. ;-)

  7. bea said...

    Oh yeah, I just saw the Making of Twilight on studio23 and I noticed that the part where Emmett says "It's wrong Edward, she's not one of us" is not included in the movie itself:))

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