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News Round-Up: November 18

Film.com has posted their interviews with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Here we learn that Rob actually was being easy on us when he said he hasn't washed his hair in six weeks. It's actually four years. :p We think he's kidding. Or at least, we hope he is. :p

MTV has a feature on the insanely funny Edi Gathegi here.

MTV: Any funny bloopers from the set?

Gathegi: Well, the first day of rehearsal, we did the whole confrontation coming out of the forest, for the baseball scene. And Peter [Facinelli]'s character, Carlisle, says: "Are you good at baseball?" We were improvising, and I responded, "Does a baby eat candy?" — which makes no sense. When I realized that made no sense, I said, "No, no, no. Does a baby taste like candy?" But everybody was already laughing. That was sort of embarrassing.

Rotten Tomatoes has a Meet the Characters feature on their site here.

The LA Times spoke to Stephenie Meyer about the ending of the Twilight film, and they also let us in on how Twilight ended up being produced by a fledgling company like Summit Entertainment.

Peter Facinelli is causing some serious Edward Envy among girls when he confesses to necking with Rob Pattinson. :p

The NY Daily Times has a good long interview about Rob here as well.


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