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News Round-Up: November 19

Access Hollywood is reporting that Rob Pattinson has finished taping his guest segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air in the US on November 21. This episode will air on 2nd Avenue on November 24 at 7pm, with a replay at 12mn.

BAE has a report of Peter Facinelli's appearance in The Bonnie Hunt Show. Apparently, he donated his Cullen ring to Bonnie to auction for charity! Click here for more.

MTV's coverage of the Twilight premiere is here, photos here, and an article about predictions for Twilight's opening box office performance here.

Forbidden Planet now has all the Cullen jewelry available here, if you're interested.

Vote for Rob in Spout's Vampire Cage Match here! He's up against Gary Oldman this week.


  1. Giselle said...

    How can we buy at that website? I don't have background on buying ONLINE. Hope you can help me. I wanna buy the Cullen Jewelries! Please help? is that available here in Philippines?

  2. edwardlovesjec said...

    will the cullens jewelry and other stuff over there will be locally available?

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    It's not available sa Philippines eh. You can try contacting the TCP member in Seattle who is selling yung mga merchandise from the States. He'll be in the Philippines next month, baka pwede kayo magpaorder. Contact him here:

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