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News Round-Up: November 21

Bloody-Disgusting Horror News spoke to Catherine Hardwicke, and the director revealed a few more details about the Twilight DVD and Blu-Ray release next year.

"I’ve seen the sparkle scene on Blu-ray, and it looks really great. I was worried how that would translate. We are looking into to going back to ILM and pushing that scene a little further for the Blu-ray disc. We have about a dozen deleted or extended scenes to put on the DVD, and I made a couple crazy montages of all the times the vampires kiss or attack someone and of all the human hijinx, and I’ve done a visual remix of the movie for the DVD also."

Read the rest of the article here. They also have a feature on Rob Pattinson and Catherine where they talk about the musical score for the film.

BAE is reporting that Peter Facinelli will be on Chelsea Lately tonight in the US. Chelsea Lately airs locally on ETC at 10:30PM on weekdays, so we can probably expect this episode to air on Monday, November 24. So there are two shows to watch out for on Monday: Peter on Chelsea Lately, and Rob on Ellen!

MovieRetriever.com gives adults 6 Excuses Grown-Ups Can Use for Going To See Twilight.

Yahoo! Movies writes about the fans' "sky-high hopes" for the film, and wonders if this will all translate to a box office performance that will suck the blood out of Disney's Bolt and Quantum of Solace. [Sky-high hopes, haha! "Sky High" = Michael Angarano = Kristen Stewart. Haha! Don't mind me, just trying to keep myself from falling asleep here... I mean, come on, Twilight will make a killing in the box office. In the off-chance (and I do mean really off-chance) it doesn't debut at #1, it will still make enough to make the sequels. So yeah, more fodder for the Twilight Saga haters, more fun for the fans!]

I always look forward to reading or watching interviews with Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefevre, and Edi Gathegi, and here's another one courtesy of MTV that just cracks me up. Good thing my boss isn't here, or he'll be wondering what happened to me! The video version of this interview is here (3 parts).

Gathegi: [Laughing] Do you have any questions from "Fueled by Edward"?

MTV: I know how much you love the MTV Twilighters' screen names, Edi. I was actually gonna ask a question from "IWantEdiGathegisBaby123@yahoo.com." But if each of you guys could pick a theme song for your character, what's the song?

Gathegi: [Starts singing Isaac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft"] Who is the man? Shaft!

MTV: Shut yo' mouth! I'm just talkin' about Laurent.

Gathegi: He's a bad motha'... Shut yo' mouth!

Lefevre: Oh my God, I'm gonna have to say [Ram Jam's] "Black Betty." Yeah, there's just something about that — it's got a good rock beat. I like it, and it goes with [Victoria's] slow-mo walking.

Lautner: This has nothing to do with my character [laughs], but I just think it'd be cool when I walked onscreen [if they played] the "Cops" theme song, "Bad Boys."

Lefevre: Really?

Lautner: Yeah, I just think it'd be cool if I walked onscreen and you heard [singing] "Whatcha gonna do when they come for you ..."

Gathegi: That has nothing to do with your character.

Lautner: I know, it's totally opposite. OK, how about "Who Let the Dogs Out"?

Lautner and Gathegi: [Both laughing] Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof [they start to bark].

Lefevre: Oh God.

Gathegi: Yeah, we just did that.

New York Magazine has a list of 28 Reasons Why Twilight The Movie Is Better Than Twilight The Book. Thanks to Rome for the tip.

InStyle.com breaks down the fashions at the Twilight world premiere here. So who do you think is the best dressed? Pick one guy and one girl, and post a comment! :) [Of course I'll say Peter Facinelli for the guys, with Kellan as a runner-up. And then, Rachelle. Kristen's dress is okay, but I've seen the back of the dress, and it was weird.]

MTV looks back at A Year of Twilight Mania.

Today's Twilight Movie Review Round-Up: (Reviews with * are those that we think are especially entertaining or very-well written and objective)
The LA Times (Kenneth Turan) | Chicago Tribune (Michael Phillips) | Entertainment Weekly (Owen Gleiberman) | Novel Novice* (sgundell) | Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert) | Film School Rejects (Neil Miller*) (Cole Abaius*) | Flick Filosopher (Maryann Johanson) | Cinematical (Eric D. Snider*)


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    [i]Chelsea Lately[/i] with guest Peter Facinelli will air tonight on ETC, 11:30 pm with replays tomorrow, 5:00 am and 12:00 noon.

    [i]The Late Show with David Letterman[/i] with guest Kirsten Stewart aired earlier on Maxx, 11:30 am but will be replayed tonight, 10:00 pm. It will also be shown on Maxx on Studio 23 tonight at 11:30 pm

    [i]The Ellen Degeneres Show[/i] with guest Robert Pattinson will be aired on 2nd Avenue tonigh, 7:00 pm with replays tomorrow at 12:00 midnight, 6:00 am and 1:00 pm. It will also be shown on Star World tomorrow at 2:00 am and 1:00 pm.

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