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News Round-Up: November 22

MTV is reporting that box office receipts for midnight screenings of Twilight (and midnight screenings only for now) are now estimated to be more than $7M. Many analysts estimate that opening grosses for the film may be anywhere between $40-70M. Let's hope it breaks some records!

The episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Robert Pattinson as guest has already aired in the US. You can watch the whole segment on Ellen's site here. Watch out for this episode on 2nd Avenue on Monday, November 24, 7pm, with a replay at 12mn. [His parents are so cool.]

Kristen Stewart was on the David Letterman Show for another promotional appearance for Twilight. You can watch that segment here. [Dear Kristen, Letterman was trying to be funny with the bats and the vampires and everything. You should've at least laughed, you know? I'm so sorry for the guy....]

Rob was also in the Tyra Banks Show, and they up the ante in this show when they held a pie-eating contest among fans to determine who will win a "Twilight memorabilia"... which turned out to be a silver Volvo C30 Sports Coupe! It was won by 18-year-old Tiffany Kuhne. [Oh. My. Carlisle.]

In the tradition of their Movie Drinking Games, here's Film School Rejects' list for Twilight. [Drinking is illegal for minors, okay?] In addition, the Rejects are also speculating if Twilight will succeed despite the lack of critic praise.

I've been saying this for some time now: Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Lefevre, and Taylor Lautner, when they sit together for interviews, never disappoint. Here's one more video evidence to add to that declaration. The trio was interviewed at the Mall of America recently for a radio show... watch Rachelle charm her way into making Edi and Taylor sing a Miley Cyrus song for the camera.

Reelz Channel has posted a couple of Twilight videos: an interview with the charming Peter Facinelli, and a behind-the-scenes from their set visit.

Everglow has found additional outtakes from the most recent Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot, as well as the USA Today Photoshoot.

What would you do if Rob Pattinson tells you to "Throw yourselves at me!"? [More podcast fodder, Rob's on fire!]

MySpace.com has posted their Artist on Artist feature with Hayley Williams of Paramore and Rob Pattinson. Click here to watch it.

Today's Twilight Movie Review Round-Up: (Reviews with * are those that we think are especially entertaining or very-well written and objective)
MTV (Kurt Loder*) | USA Today (Claudia Puig) | Associated Press (Christy Lemire) | The Movie Fanatic (Jeremy Welsch*)


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    Do you know where we could watch the tyra banks episode when rob was a guest? Or when it will be airing here in the philippines?

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