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News Round-Up: November 24

2 more days until "Twilight"!

Deadline Hollywood Daily has a report of how Twilight did in the Box Office last weekend in the US. $70.5M, folks! Good job, US Twilighters! Related reports: New York Times, MTV.

Click HERE for the Box Office Mojo stats on Twilight. The numbers are a pleasant surprise. :)

Official Clip #6 - Jacob telling Bella about Quileute legends. This aired in the US during Taylor Lautner's interview. Click here to view the clip at Everglow.

Linkin Park talks Twilight! Click here to view the video via MTV.

Rob Pattinson talks to /Film about his Movie Playlist.

Finally, if you're not afraid to laugh at your own fandom, click here. If you can't take any insults or negative comments about Twilight, don't even bother clicking that link. :p

Today's Twilight Movie Review Round-Up (Some reviews contain spoilers): (Reviews with * are those that we think are especially entertaining or very-well written and objective)
TwilightGuy.com (Kaleb Nation*) | Empire Online (Will Lawrence) | Time.com (Richard Corliss) | BuddyTV.com (Don Williams) (Kim Wetter*) | Chuck the Movie Guy | Monsters and Critics (Anne Brodie) | Examiner.com (Michelle Kernes) | /Film (David Chen*)


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