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News Round-Up: November 6

Vanity Fair's December Issue featuring Twilight is now in newsstands in the US. Everglow has scans here. VF is available locally in bookstores and magazine stands. (Scan Credit: Everglow)

Teen Vogue has a cool interview with the Twilight cast here.

Today, the LA Times' Twilight Countdown finally has Robert's answers to fan questions that were sent in to LAT.

What goes through your mind when you’re greeted by crowds of screaming fans?

It’s kind of like being in some medieval battle (laughs). I mean I guess that’s the closest analogy, especially after yesterday. A ton of people ran down the street outside the Apple store. I felt like I was literally being charged by Celts (laughs).

Read the full interview here. (Personal Comment: His answers to questions #7-9 scare me when I start to think of how this will translate to their portrayal of the characters.)

USA Today's USA Weekend will be featuring Twilight on November 16. If you're in the US and can send us scans, we'll really appreciate it. :)

Vampires and Slayers have an interview with Melissa Rosenberg here. You need to register to listen, but registration is free. :)

Entertainment Weekly has an excellent feature on the 12 things that inspired Stephenie Meyer when she wrote Twilight. You can read the feature here. They also have a video interview with Rob Pattinson here.

The folks from Fandango e-mailed us to let us know about their Twilight section. Please pay them a visit here. They have lots of really cool Twilight stuff there that you will enjoy. :)


  1. issa said...

    who's the one kissing kristen?

  2. Lauren said...

    That's Nikki Reed

  3. Jam :D said...

    Its the Nikki Reed the one playing Rosalie :D

  4. Jam said...

    its nikki reed the one playing as rosalie :D

  5. haguchi said...

    who's the one kissing kristen?

    - it's Nikki Reed :)

  6. Penny/hermgranger said...

    I find the position of Kristen's hands to be weird.

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