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Twilight Coven Philippines is a community of Filipino enthusiasts of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and her other works.

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Supreme.ph's Twilight Contest Winners!!!

Congratulations to all those who won and joined Supreme.ph's Twilight contest. The first place winner (and justifiably so, I may add) is from MissMilcah37 entitled 'Porcelain Baby' (photo courtesy of Supreme.ph). Go to Supreme.ph to see the winners and the entries. Once again, congratulations to you all, even the Volturi would have been intimidated.


  1. Mariae said...

    cool and scary! =)

  2. JedMeister said...

    that pic was effing SCARY!

  3. MissMilcah37 said...

    Thanks for the acknowledgment! =D

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