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Twilight Mall Invasion Advisory

We would like to apologize to those who went to the Twilight Mall Invasion at Megamall at 6pm today. We were there and we were ready to conduct the games and give out prizes, unfortunately, there was some miscommunication with the organizers, and the programme ended early.

Tomorrow and on Wednesday, if you're interested to join the games, you can register starting 4pm. There will be some games to be conducted by other sponsors, while TCP's games will start at 6pm.

We hope to see you guys there!


  1. Thea said...

    Will you guys (TCP) be at all Mall Invasions? :)

  2. XiaoXinAi said...

    I was there... And I saw you guys. We were the ones sitting at the other side. But it took such a long time we decided to leave coz it was getting late.:[

  3. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    Hi, for SM Megamall at least, the TCP admins will be there for the games (around 530-6) until wednesday. And then there will be TCP representation (admins) for the twilight mall invasion in the other legs but only during Saturdays. but you can always drop by the exhibit anytime :)

    we'll just post again once we got the schedule for the other malls, thanks

  4. Anonymous said...

    I was there...and it was a bit of a...failure. Hehehe.

  5. ~ dessea ~ said...

    at least now I know what time you'll be there...

    And I'll be going tomorrow so see you there!

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