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Twilight Mall Invasion

Please do not repost this article. Please post all questions at the comments on this post and not on the chatbox. Thank you.

The Twilight film is short of two weeks away and we invite everyone to join us in adding more to the Twilight buzz as Viva International Pictures, participating malls, sponsors, and Twilight Coven Philippines bring you the Twilight Mall Invasion. Get to view the Twilight movie exhibit, pose with Edward's Volvo C30, and participate in the games to win prizes courtesy of Viva and event sponsors!
Twilight Mall Invasion Schedule

November 17 - December 1 : SM Megamall
November 21 - November 29 : Trinoma
November 21 - November 23 : Gateway
November 24 - November 30 : Robinson's Galleria
November 22 - December 5 : SM Mall of Asia

We invite everyone to join us as we launch the Twilight Mall Invasion in SM Megamall, schedule are as follows:
Twilight Mall Invasion at SM Megamall

November 17-19, 2008 Atrium Hall / Event Center
10am to 3pm : Exhibit
4pm to 7pm : Interactive game c/o event sponsors, media partners, and Twilight Coven Philippines
7pm onwards : Exhibit

November 20- Dec 1, 2008 Cinema Bldg A lobby
10am to 2pm : Exhibit
3pm to 6pm : Interactive game c/o event sponsors, media partners, and Twilight Coven Philippines
7pm onwards : Exhibit
*Interactive games will only be on Saturday, Nov. 22

We hope to see you in all participating malls and get a chance to win exclusive prizes!


  1. regina said...

    awww, all the malls are up north :( aren't you invading any malls near makati or alabang?

  2. bea said...

    I agree! I live in Las Pinas and those malls are far away!:(

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    Sorry, guys, we didn't have a say in which malls are part of the Promo. :(

  4. zashi said...

    ohh..i live in Las Pinas din eh..
    teh nearest mall would be Mall of Asia..

    may exhibit ba in every participating malls?

  5. Slvrdlphn said...

    Bea: I think their concession to the south was having it at MOA also. But that is just speculation on my part. Don't take my word for it. :D

  6. bea said...

    It's alright:) I still do plan to go naman:) I hope my friends come as well, I have to use coercion pa:)) Are the games gonna be only for the 17th-19th at Megamall?:(

  7. Mariae said...

    the malls are sure near me.
    im gonna go like 5 times :D
    weee. cant wait!!

  8. buffybot said...

    Major mistake of Viva and whoever organized the mall events. Legions of fans come from the South-Las Pinas, Alabang, Paranaque, Cavite, Laguna. There are three major malls in this part of the Metro: SM Southmall, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall. No events there? Many schools and communities in the area have organized fan bases that have nowhere to go when the promotions and events start pouring in. This has been my gripe from way back Lord of The Rings: we from the South are left behind and ignored by sponsors and organizers. Why is that, I wonder?

  9. Elise said...

    Can we bring cameras to the event? I'd love to take loads of pics ^_^

  10. bea said...

    but there will be games from the 20th onwards right? Please reply!ht

  11. Anonymous said...

    nice. so if it's our free time in madocs, i could always go.

  12. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    the exhibit will be there for every participating mall, with the games though, we're still clearing up the schedule. for SM Megamall, the games will be from Nov.17-19. there will also be games for the rest of the assigned dates for SM Megamall but we're not sure yet if it's going to be everyday. we will update you guys when we know :)

    cameras are allowed :)

    we hope to see you guys, especially in the first three days of the Twilight Mall Invasion. The interactive game of TCP in particular will be from 6-7pn :)

  13. bea said...

    i hope may games sa 25th sa megamall:)) we'll be watching there kasi eh:))

  14. mika said...

    are there any fees?? in entering??

  15. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    @ mika: there are no fees needed to enter :)

  16. Penny/hermgranger said...

    no sched of activities yet for tomorrow's Twilight Mall Invasion at Trinoma?

  17. RhianCallyx said...

    Hey what time will the program in MOA start? we'll go there after work, and will the exhibit run until the whole day ends? thanks

  18. deinne said...

    is there any sched for twilight mall invasion in gateway tomorrow??

  19. Clair de Lune said...

    Hey, guys-

    We have not been informed about the schedule of the Trinoma programme.

    There will be no special programme in Gateway or MoA, just an exhibit.

  20. aimee said...

    I went at the exhibit at megamall awhile ago but wasn't able to take pictures, i wasn't sure if it is allowed! *sad* is it?

  21. mika said...

    oh thnx,iin Nov. 20-Dec.1 is it sure that there will be activities??

  22. mehmohree said...

    san ba ung lugar kung saan ung exhibit sa moa kaci ang dami n namin pinagtanungan d nila alam kung saan tapos sabi nila wala daw>>

  23. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    @aimee: you can take pictures :)

    @mika: just watch out for our advisories, we won't be conducting games everyday, so we'll just inform everyone the dates and the malls for this week as soon as we iron out the details with the other organizers, sorry :)

    @mehmohree: it's near the IMAX theatre, you'll see the SILVER volvo there :)

  24. bebebeaaa. said...

    what? sayang. i wasn't able to go. sa upcoming mall invasions, will there still be games? :)

  25. bea said...

    My friend and I plan to go to MOA on wednesday:) Will there be any games there?

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