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Twilight Soundtrack Availability Advisory

If you're looking to get a hold of the soundtrack today, we've been informed that there is a slight delay in the delivery of the CDs to the stores. We advise that you check back on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Or, you can always request to reserve a copy via your favorite music stores, and just ask them to inform you when the CD is delivered.

Again, the CD is PhP450, and it will be available in ALL music stores.

UPDATE: Warner Music Philippines will also be distributing Twilight: The Score. It'll be out, hopefully, at the end of the month, or early December.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I let my sister go to odyssey in SM Manila.. only to find out that its not yet released. She was told Nov. 21. Here in Dubai there's no release date for the soundtrack. :(

  2. caren. said...

    Whew. Do you think I'll still get a trading card on Saturday/Sunday? Hehehe. I badly want it. :))

  3. theapot said...

    ohno...i went to 3 different music stores in makati because i wanted to make sure there really wasn't any available yet...crap!signs of obsession? hehehe =)

  4. Nickie said...

    me too!!! I went to TRINOMA and THE BLOCK during my 3 hours break... and there was no sign of the soundtrack anywhere!! i got really frustrated...

  5. caren. said...

    YAY. Odessey will call us if there's a soundtrack available already. :D:D WEEEE.

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