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Twilight Soundtrack Availability Advisory 02

We're getting reports that the Soundtrack is already available at Music One in Glorietta/Greenbelt and in Astroplus. Please check the stores nearest you, as the deliveries seem to be slowly coming in now.

Thanks, keichan, jam and minami!

Let us know which trading cards you got! :)

UPDATE (4:11PM): Okay, this is INSANE. Minami bought her copy about 30 minutes ago. There were still around 10 or so CDs on display. As of this writing, they're all GONE. What the HALE?! So the soundtrack is now out of stock in Astroplus Megamall! Wow. INSANE.


  1. sairi said...

    ei guys! just got bought the soundtrack at Music One in Glorietta and its the last stock already! wahhh :s
    almost all the cd are already reserved. but the good thing is i got Edward Cullen Trading card! yipee!

  2. icey said...

    OMG Sairi is that for real? Greenbelt have some stocks pa, i dont know ngaun but i got EDWARD CULLEN!!! :P

  3. edwardlovesjec said...

    bakit ganun... naubusan nnmn aq ng ost....*cry*
    parati nlng ha*cry*
    hndi aq nkabili ng EW magazine taz ngaun huhuhuh
    malas aqng tao

    nagdradrama nnmn aq

  4. bea said...

    It's available at music one in greenbelt and alabang town center, I asked a little while ago they had 3 copies left at atc including the one I'm picking up on thursday:)

  5. Jei said...

    I just bought the soundtrack at Astroplus in SM Mall of Asia. I was quite sad at first because I thought they don't have it yet. So I just looked around... and then voila! I saw the CD!!! And they only have 3 left!

    And--oooh. I got the Edward trading card! Sweeeet! I was kind of expecting a James or a Bella trading card. I don't know why. Hehehe!

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