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Chris Tiu named the Volvo C30 Ambassador

We're not exactly sure how new this piece of info is, most likely this happened when the C30 was launched here in the Philippines. It's new to us anyway, and thanks to Vinvin at Twilight Saga on Multiply for posting this.

Volvo Philippines has named college basketball star Chris Tiu as the Ambassador for the Volvo C30. "Ateneo Blue Eagles team captain Chris Tiu, the fast-rising star of college basketball is Volvo’s C30 Ambassador, exemplifying the car’s stylish looks, intelligent features and dynamic performance."

Click here to see the original article on Volvo's website.

For the sake of those people who have been living under a rock for the past few months, the Volvo C30 is the car that Edward Cullen drives in the Twilight movie. :p [Many, like the TCP Administrators, would argue that the Volvo C30 is possibly one of the best actors in Twilight.]

UPDATE: As we suspected, this announcement was made some time ago. But again, that's okay since it's still new to us, and apparently, to most Pinoy fans as well. Also, people have sent us links to Chris' blog post about Twilight here. Thanks to those who sent the link!


  1. Check this out said...

    chris tiu was the endorser of volvo before the twilight hype..

    anyway, check out his blog.. he watched twilight and he liked it!


  2. issa said...

    he liked twilight! that's so cool! haha.

  3. Anonymous said...

    he's also Volvo's Voice of Leadership ambassador.

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