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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, Twilighters, Maligayang Pasko! And if you don't celebrate it, then, Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at Twilight Coven Philippines. :)

Edit (7:00 PM) It seems that the ABS-CBN news link that we've posted before cannot be accessed anymore. We leave that to your own interpretation ;) [mabelletaka]


  1. JedMeister said...

    Merry Christmas too! :)

  2. Endoh Chiaki said...

    guess we scared them off... hopefully...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    haooy holidays TCP admin and TCP-ers!

  3. aeyc said...

    Merry Christmas!

    Yeah! ABS got a little scared with all the fans.

    We should bare our fangs more so they would stop with their senseless plan.

    Local TV is getting worse!

  4. Mariae said...

    hahaha! nawala. ano yun? cinancel na nila? =)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! =)

  5. Jacke°Amala said...

    yeah.. maybe we scared them off..ahaha

    well, they (ABS CBN) did ask for any comments, right? I gave them one. :D

  6. bea said...

    The link can't be accessed anymore? hahahahaha It is a Merry Christmas indeed:) Wahey for us twilighters!!!

  7. wolffia said...

    woohoo! tried accessing that link just now and the following message pops up:


    yeah i guess we scared them off!

  8. Anonymous said...

    omigosh. cross fingers! >,<

  9. Anonymous said...

    I do hope that stop this...it's really freakin' me out!

    the whole thing's so sick. and "THEY" are so pathetic!

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