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News Round-Up: December 11

Yahoo! Movies and The Hollywood Reporter have awarded Twilight this month's Purple Filmstrip Award for being the highest rated movie and the one with the most-viewed trailer on Yahoo this month.

Rob Pattinson reveals to ContactMusic.com exactly what he finds attractive in women. [Nice, Rob. Alice says there will be many psychiatric ward breakouts in the coming months and you will be seriously stalked. Take cover.]

/Film reports that Jackson Rathbone is in talks to take on the role of Sokka in M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender, the live-action adaptation of the hit Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar.

ABC News has something to say about why Catherine Hardwicke was axed from the franchise.

Entertainment Weekly has more details about the New Moon movie, details that present a lot of issues that may not sit well with many Twilighters. Summit is reportedly looking at a tentative release date of November 10 20, 2009. They're looking to get the new, as yet unnamed director, into the pre-production treadmill by December 15th [That's next week! Good luck, new director!]. They reportedly only allocated $50 million for the movie, and they might be looking to replace Taylor Lautner. [Since I've come to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Twilight Saga, there are really just a few things that can render me speechless, and most of them are of the magnitude of Edward Cullen Carlisle Cullen showing up on my doorstep and proposing marriage to me. But this news is just... *mind goes blank*]

If you're looking to express some outrage, why not send a well-written and polite letter to Summit? The Twilight Lexicon posted this suggestion, and I think it's sensible. Don't post an online petition, it doesn't work.

Summit Entertainment, LLC
1630 Stewart Street, Suite 120
Santa Monica, California 90404
Attn: Twilight Saga Concerns


  1. monica said...

    What is summit doing? replacing Catherine and now Taylor? Despite them earning LOADS of cash from Twilight they still plan to give just 50M as budget? Mind boggling.

  2. edwardlovesjec said...

    oh my god
    i dont know what say
    iam so happy
    i felt like iam in ecstacy
    new moon released in november 10

    i hope this wouldnt change
    iam hyperventilating

    if they pursue this plan
    i'll be the happiest person in the world

    november 10 is my birthday
    i'm so happy

    i love this saga so much
    let's go for new moon!!!!!

  3. Sabrina said...

    I guess there are more actors better than Taylor, but we already loved him as Jacob. Jacob has a very big part in New Moon and I have no idea if replacing Taylor will do them good.

  4. lexaprone said...

    I kept mum on the Catherine Hardwicke fiasco. But Taylor? He IS JACOB! Right about now I'm giving Summit a kick in the face. They're bumbling their way through an already proven successful franchise, and if they keep making insane decisions like this, New Moon is in grave danger. Letters to Summit, huh? That can be arranged. I think I can make our entire high school department flood them with letters (that's 180 strong!

  5. Anonymous said...


    Accdg. EW, Summit Entertainment tentatively slated November 20, 09 for the release of New Moon.

    (not Nov.10th)cti

  6. elsbet said...

    on replacing Taylor: *sigh* (*deep sigh)

    I can't think of anyone playing Jacob except Taylor.

    my mind is all set that it'll be him


    (keeping fingers crossed that Taylor will stay)

  7. resident_nutty said...

    @ anonymous: thanks for the correction, i already changed it. i think clair de lune was too incensed by the news, she got distracted (more to come in the podcast, heheh) Thanks again!

    @ jec: sorry for the wrong info :)

  8. Rome said...


    Yeah, New Moon is in GRAVE Danger! That's my favorite book in the series but not for the reasons most people would assume. If I was worried last Monday, now I'm terrified.

    Summit Execs are a bunch of [insert multiple expletives here]!!!

  9. Anonymous said...

    @Resident_nutty: no problemo. Always here to help. =)

    Woah! i just love the tv show "Aang(the last airbender)"!!
    And Jackson R. is going to be cast as Sokka?!! hhhm, seems odd, Sokka is bald. lol i wonder if he's going to cut his hair.

  10. JedMeister said...

    Thank God for that one!

    I definitely agree with replacing Taylor Lautner as Jacob...

    it would be best if Steven Strait from "The Covenant" replace him...

  11. Anonymous said...

    yay! i hope they really do consider changing jacob...

  12. daeva said...

    It is rumored that Michael Copon (who is half-Filipino) will be playing the older Jacob Black.
    Source: http://www.newmoonmovie.org/2008/12/michael-copon-as-the-new-jacob-black/

  13. DogmanDad said...

    Hmmm - The author is understanding of the choices Summit is making (www.stephaniemeyer.com), they were able to deliver a good rendition of Twilight. I would give them the benefit of the doubt. The fans of the Twilight Series would like to see the movies made ever year, not every other year. I think that is the choices they are making.

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