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News Round-Up: December 18

Stephenie Meyer is included in Time Magazine's People Who Mattered in 2008. Click here to read the citation. Congratulations, Steph!

Speaking of Steph, StephenieMeyer.com was recently updated with information about MySpace impersonators, Twilight Conventions, Twilight: The Score, and how Twilight the movie is doing in the box office. Click here to read the article.

Tyra Banks has posted her Top 5 Hollywood Teen Heartthrobs list, and guess who's at #1? Rob Pattinson, of course. He beat out Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Joe Jonas, and Chris Brown [who's the only other guy on that list I actually like :p]. Wow, Rob, that was probably some bite you gave Tyra. Congrats! ;)

A couple of interviews with Peter Facinelli are now online: He spoke to CityNews.ca about being the "old guy" in the cast, and to OK! Magazine about Catherine Hardwicke's departure from the Twilight franchise.

There are also several articles featuring Rob Pattinson: Rob revealed to My Park Magazine that he had an accident in the set of Twilight involving Tyler's van and Kristen Stewart's double [Aw, Rob! Tsk.]. The same site also has an interview with Cam Gigandet, and apparently, The Man Who Never Disappoints almost became Emmett Cullen. The Improper asked Rob about his type of woman, and he came right out and said that he liked Tina Fey, and referred to her as "the sexiest woman". [Good choice, Rob! Tina Fey rocks!] E! Online heard a rumour that Rob will also be joining the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. It's actually too early to talk casting for Pirates, because the project is still in development (with director Gore Verbinsky currently stringing 3 other projects), and indications are that there isn't even a script yet.

Lastly, The TV Squad has an article comparing Twilight to Roswell. [Clearly illustrating that anything and everything can be compared to Twilight these days. What's next? And while Roswell is a great franchise, it's unfair to judge the whole Twilight franchise by just the first movie. And this line: "Um, Edward likes the way Bella smells. That's about it." elicited a Victoria-esque hiss and growl from me, because, as people who've read all the books carefully would know, that's not entirely what Bella and Edward's romance is all about.]


  1. edwardlovesjec said...

    hey when will the twilight: the score be out in the philippines?

  2. Jei said...

    It's already available at Music One in Glorietta.

  3. issa said...

    hi jei! how much is twilight: the score?

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