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Local Updates and News Round-Up: December 4

Confirmation e-mails to people who made the cut in the Twilight Soundtrack Launch Party Guestlist have been sent out this morning. Please check your e-mail and be sure to follow the instructions. If you did not receive an e-mail, that means you didn't make the cut, sorry.

Despite the previously announced schedule that it will be up until December 5, the Twilight Mall Invasion exhibit at SM Mall of Asia was already taken down as of December 1.

The UK premiere for Twilight was held last night in London. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Catherine Hardwicke were in attendance. You can view more pictures here via Everglow.

Reelz Channel lists the 10 Critical Ways the Twilight Movie Differs From The Book. [This is a great list, it's really worth reading.]

If you watched the Moviefone Unscripted Interviews of Rob, Kristen, and Stephenie, you would remember Kristen talking very excitedly about a movie role she just snagged. This must be it: she will be playing Joan Jett in a biography about the famous rocker entitled The Runaways.

Geeksugar has a cute tidbit about Peter Facinelli and how he kept in touch with his family while filming Twilight. [Darn, Peter, I really don't need anymore reasons to swoon over you.]

Ted Casablanca of E! Online writes about The Awful Truth: "Twilight is sexist". [Uh, yeah, that article certainly is awful, sorry. Not to mention really misinformed.]

The Atlantic Online explores "What Girls Want".

MTV speculates if the Twilight Saga will ever be turned into comic books. Nobody knows if it's really part of Stephenie Meyer's publishing contract that comic books will never be licensed, but one thing is sure: comic book publishers are VERY interested. While I personally do not believe that the comic book/graphic novel medium would be able to accurately capture the charm and intimacy of the story as written in the books, some people are pretty excited about the prospect. What do you guys think? Post your answer in the comments. :)


  1. Anonymous said...

    reelzchannel does have a very good review. it was straight to the point and states only the truth... haha... do you know why the exhibit was ended on dec 1?

  2. bea said...

    Ang sad talaga:( Nagpunta kami ni Bianca kahapon at nagikot kami ng MOA at wala:))

  3. Mariae said...

    comic book? COOL!!!

  4. Anonymous said...

    the list was great nyahahah and it did clearly stated what my head was trying to say...

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