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TCP'S Happy Cullen Christmas Party: A Big Thank You to Everyone!

Thank you to all of those who went to TCP's Happy Cullen Christmas Party last December 20 at KFC Megamall. We had a blast meeting all of you and having the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with fellow Pinoy Twilighters. We will post pictures and a event report on it in the site.

We apologize to everyone who were not informed of this event since we need to limit the attendees for logistical reasons. We hope to meet you all again in future TCP events.

Big thanks to TCP member Sesomnhoj, Ms. Kristine of Warner Music Philippines, and Ms. Isa of Hachette Book Group (Philippines) for providing the prizes for the games. We hope everyone enjoyed the party and have a happy Cullen Christmas ahead!

Twilight Coven Philippines Administrators

P.S. There has been a mix up and KFC was not able to serve a part of the meal that was planned (i.e. the bbq chicken burger), so we sincerely apologize to anyone who felt that the meal was lacking (we surely thought so!). Sorry, we just have to say it because it was frustrating when we were appraised of the matter AFTER the event.

P.P.S. For those who were asking who were informed about the party... It was posted at the TCP Forums, since that is where the official members of the Community are registered. Contrary to what some people are thinking, we did not send out personal invites to members, so there is no "selection process" for attendees. All registered members of the Forum, and thereby, of TCP, were invited to attend. However, we did not post about the event here on the site and in our other social networking sites. [CdL]

Update (12/28/2008): Check out the pictures from the event in the multiply site.


  1. Tweexee/Trixie said...

    Thank you, too, for organizing the event. We all had fun.

    Here's hoping for another TCP event. ;)

  2. cleotie said...

    huhu! I was not informed..i was just in Rob Galleria that time..waahh! Well, looking for more TCP events! :)

    Merry Christmas!:)

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