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"Twilight" Pinoy Remake is a Hoax?

Yehey.com's Buzzbox is reporting that ABS-CBN's plan to remake "Twilight" as "Takipsilim" is a hoax. Yehey's Entertainment Editor, Edgar Cruz, writes:

Save the effort and hate words, guys! Buzzbox clarified with ABS-CBN Corporate Communication Head Bong Osorio and after checking with ABS-CBN Television Head Cory Vidanes categorically stated: “There is no plan for ABS-CBN to remake ‘Twilight.’”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Hold your vampire celebrations, though, Twilighters. While this is comforting news to most of us who are against the idea of the Pinoy Remake, there are still several unanswered questions here.

1. Why did ABS-CBN post the news confirming that they are indeed remaking Twilight on their News Site in the first place? Why did they take down the article later on?

2. Why can't ABS-CBN just make a simple official statement on their website saying "No, we are not going to do a remake of Twilight" if they really aren't, or "Yes, we are going to do a remake of Twilight" if they really are? An official statement should effectively shut down all the speculation, which, believe us, is not doing anything good for the reputation of the Philippine Entertaiment Industry in the eyes of the international media and foreign Twilight fans. We've seen all the comments, and while we know most people have over-reacted, those comments still hurt.

Until we see an actual official statement from ABS-CBN explaining all this, we can't entirely consider this matter closed. We will ease up a bit and play some vampire baseball to celebrate, but to quote, ironically enough, GMA's Mike Enriquez, "di namin ito tatantanan".

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- And though the original article has been swallowed up by a black hole in cyberspace, ABS-CBN's post on their News Site was quoted in our post here.


  1. Jacke°Amala said...

    It is a bit comforting but I agree, I hope ABS CBN will release an official statement sooner.

  2. Anonymous said...

    i do agree. i mean why would they post in their (abs-cbn's) site that they've bagged the rights to produce a local twilight when it's all just a hoax? Besides, insiders from abs-cbn have been saying that abs-cbn was just testing the waters and that the actual actors to play the twilight characters (i.e. kc as bella) aren't the ones that we've seen/read about (i.e. shaina as bella and raywhatever as edward). We need an official statement from abs-cbn regarding this. And they better explain why they posted it on their site... otherwise, shouldn't they be sued for all these hoax??

  3. i♥EdwaRd =D said...

    i've read the rest of the article, and the managers of the so-called actors that will take part in this remake just denied the idea.

    BUT, what if..

    they were ordered to do so? it's as if top secret ang lahat and they were told to deny it. and worse, they would just confirm it pag nagstart na talaga ang production?!

    tsk. this is totally annoying.

    sana lang talaga hindi nila nililito ang twihards. kasi nakakabwisit na. SOBRA.

    and that reporter said that we should confirm it first BAGO daw tayo gumawa ng move [e.g. petitions] ano un? xempre if we wasted our efforts just on confirming, wala din mangyayari kasi pag nagstart ang production it would be like "we dont have a choice but to accept it" na lang di ba?? habang maaga pa, mas maganda nang meron tayong NAGAWA. so, I think that reporter shouldn't UNDERESTIMATE our hard work in stopping this remake.

  4. Jei said...

    I think ABS-CBN is using this to gain more publicity (as if they need more of that!) You know what they say... Bad publicity is still publicity.

    Anyway, yeah, a simple statement would've been a nice gesture. I'm actually waiting for them to announce it on one of their shows... 2009 na, wala pa rin!

  5. Anonymous said...

    I hope it's really a hoax because seriously, making "takipsilim" will be a disgrace to twilight itself.

  6. snickers chocolate said...

    yehey.com released a statement confirming Takipsilim.. and now, he says it isnt true? what made him say it? i mean, it's a VERY suspicious act to me.. confirming something then backing out? i mean, what the darn is that all about?

    anyhow, i really hope takipsilim wont push through.

    and i agree with what jei said:
    "I think ABS-CBN is using this to gain more publicity (as if they need more of that!) You know what they say... Bad publicity is still publicity."

  7. Clair de Lune said...

    I agree with you. Actually, my initial post pointed out that particular little tidbit... that Yehey was the source of the article that broke sa international fansites and hollywood blogs, and now, sila din ang nag-break ng news about the hoax. That means, when they posted the initial article, they didn't confirm it with ABS first? Weird.

  8. superflyingtacklepounce said...

    Hmm. Fishy. I wonder... maybe they just posted this to stop us from saying mean things to them. Or maybe they got scared and ran off. And yes, I also agree with Jei with the publicity thing. Damn ABS-CBN and Yehey! for this bullshit they gave us!!!

  9. Anonymous said...

    it's not the casting na ayaw ng mga tao, it's the whole idea of making a pinoy version of 'twilight'.. wala naman sanang babuyan dba?!

  10. Nacee said...

    so they're denying it now, huh? WEIRD. maybe they did that to save themselves from humiliation? coz then if they admit that they actually cancelled the show, they'd be like a laughing stock or something...i dunno..i just hope they'd clear it up already!

    oh,and i agree, they're definitely liking this publicity going on right now. ABS is such a media whore.

  11. Patsy said...

    hope this is true..

  12. maidenveil said...

    although this is a breather, until they release an official statement that they really don't have a plan of doing any twilight-remake we shouldn't let our guard down. maybe they were just caught off-guard that the plan was leaked and caused hysteria on our part. di naman pwedeng may usok tapos walang apy (or something like that).

    they should release a statement and clear this matter. apologize even! they posted the news on their site! yehey should also say something if it started with them. they don't know what who they're messing with.

    and can they blame us for making an issue out of the news. fans kaya kami, hello???

  13. Anonymous said...

    it is really weird..at nkkainis na tlaga tong news na toh.i keep imagining them doing twilight at umiinit lang ulo ko!!!i already told most of my friends na twilght fans about this absurd news, at nandiri sila!!!we even imagined what there lines are going to be if they made the tagalized version of the "LION FELL IN LOVE WITH THE LAMB" tagalog version "AT ANG LION AY NHULOG SA TUPA--eeww!!!

    And if they do reason out na they're doing this for the PHILIPPINE INDUSTRY then that's BS!Pwede nmn isalvage yun ng wlng iniimitate na movie most of all TWILIGHT!!!They make filipinos look like shit!!!

    And for one thing I DONT BELIEVE IN ABS-CBN!!!why would they go through all the trouble publishing the news na they will do the remake (on their website!!) and then later on just deny it??something smells FISHY!!!and I dont like it!!!Until they make a formal statement about this..we better be united TWILIGHTERS!!!

  14. Anonymous said...

    Maybe they got scared after they heard all the comments about making a remake. :))
    So they're acting as if it never happend. :-"

  15. Berna.ü said...

    I kinda believed that it's just a hoax before, but you're right. There's so much evidence! (Oh.. i feel like a detective or something XD) Like the post straight from their site.
    But I was thinking that maybe, they REALLY bought the rights but later on noticed that EVERYONE will hate the idea.
    So, maybe they cancelled it or something.
    But, if that's the thing..
    That's SO STUPID!!
    They shouldn't have bought the rights at the first place.
    Okay, they better clear this up already.
    'Cause I can no longer decide what's true or not.
    Still, I am in the side that says



  16. ophine said...

    is this a good news? Hope so.

    I really do hope i know what I'm saying.
    Pray. It works...har-har.

  17. ~ dessea ~ said...

    Natakot na yung ABS wahahaha!!!binura pa yung page about sa news...ang galing lang talaga pati sa website nila may news tapos hindi naman pala totoo...

    inulan siguro sila ng email wahahaha mga 2000 siguro... dami rin nagsign up dun sa petition kita ko...

    dito lang online patok yang remake chenelyn na yan eh pati sa radio binalita rin ni Andi9 kasi nga lumabas pa sa site ni perezhilton

    tsk tsk mga walang magawa...

  18. Dharz010 said...

    well this is a good news indeed for me and many twilight fans here in the Philippines. maybe abs found out that a Filipino version of twilight was not a very bright idea.

    but we must all wait for the official statement of abs before jumping into conclusion.

    but i think that they really had plans in making a Filipino version of twilight but i think they cancelled the idea. i mean abs-cbn did release an online news regarding this but removed it immediately , maybe because of the numerous bad feedback they have encountered that is bad for their business.

    this topic cannot and will not hit he books as long as abs doesn't release a confirm or denied statement regarding this issue that had turn our heads and set the twilight fans here on blaze..

    as for the publicity issue this could be true considering the rocus it had cause in the whole twilight community. but if this is really a hoax and the 1 million dollar deal to buy the rights in making a Filipino twilight is not real and abs just created this issue ,without any part of it being true, they could face charges in court.

    and if the the issue that abs really had bought the rights in making the filipino version of twilight is right. they there is still a strong possibility that they would make this project. because they have already bought the rights to make it and abs would not want to waste the $1 million for nothing.

    this issue have started many speculations and the only way it would end it for abs-cbs to explain everything and confirm of denied every rumor about the making of a Filipino version of twilight and to put ease or rage to twilight fans here in the Philippines.

    ---by: darwinpaul2

  19. wolffia said...

    i also hope that this is all a hoax. maybe abs-cbn's website got hacked by a twi-hater to ruin every twi-hards christmas by posting "that cr*p."

    i also think that it's a very irresponsible journalism for yehey.com for not checking their sources first before publishing their story.

    abs-cbn should also release an official statement through Entertainment Connect & The Buzz to officially deny this rumor.

  20. Anonymous said...

    yay! no more takipsilim!!!

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