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More New Moon Casting Updates and Rumors

More sites are reporting on Dakota Fanning slated to play our favorite sinister little vampire Jane in New Moon. Check out her interviews in ET Online, IESB.net, Access Hollywood, and NBC where Dakota confirms that she is currently in talks for the role of Jane and hopes it all works out. MTV has also unearthed a previous interview with Dakota as she was just getting into the Twilight phenomenon.

Another famous face that might be considered for the New Moon roster is America Ferrera, who is reported to have auditioned for the role of Emily Young.

We can all expect more casting rumors (and hopefully official announcements by Summit) in the following weeks. In the meantime, who do you think should play Alec in the New Moon film? Check out the speculation and polls in Entertainment Weekly and People.

UPDATE: Apparently, it's a Native American actress named America Young who auditioned for the role of Emily, and not America Ferrera.


  1. sesomnhoj said...


    You guys seen the Twilight parody of Nigahiga on Youtube? (Asian Edward) LOL.

  2. issa said...

    wow, she wants to do it! yes! so i guess it's up to her management now? really hope she gets it. :D

  3. shai said...

    wow, that's nice... Dakota Fanning can surely pull out an acting that will be a good reflection of Jane.

  4. myeth said...

    definitely love dakota as jane but america as emily young??? does that mean emily's character is in the movie??? i find it a bit off that emily's character is in the movie yet leah's character isn't...

    neway, fyi... paramore's decode is one of the nominees in the myx music awards under the favorite international music video category... code is mma 13 (send to 2366)... pls. vote for them... ^__^

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