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New Moon Casting Rumor: Dakota Fanning as Jane

E! Online's Marc Malkin is reporting that 14-year-old Dakota Fanning is in talks with Summit Entertainment to take on the role of Jane in New Moon. Apparently, there were no auditions, and Summit offered Dakota the role outright.

Click here to read the story.

Please remember that until Summit Entertainment releases an official statement, this remains to be a rumour.

[Sounds good to me, except... can they possibly afford Dakota Fanning on their budget?!]

Photo: contactmusic.com


  1. anoushka said...

    I think Dakota would be right for the role. She's beautiful and yet she can exude that creepiness that Jane has.

  2. mae said...

    meh. i don't like her. but whatever, she's a good actress.

  3. TINapay said...

    I agree with anoushka. Dakota has the right mix of scariness and otherworldly charm. If her management is wise, they shouldn't charge big-star rates. New Moon could be the vehicle to ease her awkward transition from creepy kid to cool teener. Dakota after all made only two movies last year. Compare that with five in 2005, when she was 11. This movie could blow the second wind her career needs--and deserves.

  4. Anonymous said...

    dakota fanning is one of the greatest young actress today. I think she would be perfect for the role.I'm not against actors who have good reputation when it comes to acting. I mean I think casting good actors would make people think out there who are not fans of twilight that its not crap.

  5. lexaprone said...

    It will help if Dakota is a fan of the books. She can take on the role without asking for a huge fee, and like TINapay said, it's a smart career move. Plus, Dakota is likeable, with her own loyal fanbase. Personally i thinks it's a win-win situation. Now if we can only be sure of Summit's choice for Aro...

  6. Anonymous said...

    Dakota Fanning's a great actress, I think she'll portray Newmoon's Jane, well :)

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