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News Round-Up: January 14

MTV gave Jackson Rathbone a video camera and told him to chronicle his experiences in one his band's concerts. Click here to watch the video from the 100 Monkeys show!

Access Hollywood sent us links to new Twilight articles on their site. Thank you to Rachel of Access Hollywood/NBC! Ashley Greene reveals that Rob Pattinson got in trouble for his new haircut. She said she still loved his old haircut, but would cut him some slack. ;) Meanwhile, in another twist to the Vanessa Hudgens New Moon Audition Mystery [I feel like I should call in Agent Olivia Dunham to check this out now...] AH is reporting that their sources at Summit Entertainment confirmed that Vanessa actually did audition, and that "she's up for the role".

Whaaat?! Let's do a recap: Ashley Greene said she didn't know that Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for New Moon but said she'd love to work with V. Then MTV reported that Ashley confirmed that Vanessa did audition. Everyone got confused, so JustJaredJr. asked Vanessa's rep, who said they didn't know anything about a New Moon audition. Entertainment Weekly's sources say that no audition happened. And now, Access Hollywood says sources at Summit confirmed that Vanessa did audition.

So what's the real deal? Well, The Twilight Lexicon decided to go straight to scriptwriter Melissa Rosenberg to ask. Melissa's reply?

If Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ‘em.

That should put the rumours to rest... for now. Leah Clearwater isn't in New Moon (or at least, there are no speaking parts).

Meanwhile, Nokia has updated their Twilight site to include Stephenie Meyer's answers to the fansites' questions (check the Communities section). There are also new movie stills at the Twilight Tribute section, which you can also view here courtesy of the lion_lamb Livejournal community. Click here to access the Nokia Twilight site.

BellaandEdward.com have photos of all the Inkworks Twilight trading cards (except the Pieceworks set) in their gallery here.


  1. TINapay said...

    Could she have tried out for another role? Jane perhaps?

  2. Mariae said...

    ang adik nung umiikot yung ulo =))
    ang cute! :))

    anyway, have you seen the newspaper today? STAR entertainment section. its about vanessa being on new moon. it says there that she auditioned and stuff.

  3. Jei said...

    Robert Pattinson: Fated for Fame by Mel Williams (Unauthorized) is already available in Fully Booked. I think it's around Php400-500. :-)

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