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News Round-Up: January 18

Summit Entertainment has issued a press release regarding the Twilight DVD. Be sure to check the site regularly for local availability.

New Moon is still in its pre-production stage and already there are talks on how the production for the Eclipse adaptation will pan out. Check out this article from Joblo on director rumors for the third film in the franchise.

TeenMix has an interview with Kristen Stewart regarding Twilight. The questions are in French but she answered in English.

Fun things to do: ReelzChannel has come up with a quiz for New Moon! Take the quiz and let us know your score by posting in the comments section. You can tinker on creating a virtual Kristen Stewart doll at Stardoll. Also check out close-up shots of the Bella and Edward dolls by Tonner.

Outtakes from the Twilight feature in Vanity Fair has been posted in Robert Pattinson Online. It does look like they were enjoying themselves in this photoshoot (except you Stewart, stop cradling my Cam! And you, Rob, what are you doing to Taylor?!? LOL - mabelletaka).

Edi Gathegi continues to promote his upcoming movie, My Bloody Valentine, and his involvement in Twilight and New Moon usually come up in his interviews. Check out his thoughts regarding his projects in Media Blvd and IF Magazine.


  1. Rome said...

    "except you Stewart, stop cradling my Cam! And you, Rob, what are you doing to Taylor?!? LOL - mabelletaka"

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I love it!!! Best fan-girly comment so far. ROTFLMAO. =]

    Although, I have to agree. Rob, what are you doing to Taylor? Are you trying to feel if he has better abs/chest than you do? LOL. Kidding! Still adore you man. But not as much as Jackson! *wink*

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Dear Rob,

    Taylor is a minor. Please remember that, thank you. :p


  3. Anonymous said...

    LOL WTH is Rob doing on Taylor's (Insert Body Part) Here lololol

  4. bea said...

    Is the DVD really going to be released here on the 21st of March?

  5. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    Hi bea, yup it's on March 21 accdg to Viva pero let's wait for the press release na muna din (they promised to send it to us) para makasigurado :)

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