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News Round-Up: January 28

For those who are looking for a new read, how about trying The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester? Stephenie Meyer has just recommended the book in her site.

Sarah Clarke, who played Renee in Twilight shares us her thoughts on working on Twilight and the upcoming New Moon film.

On more New Moon film news, check out Taylor Lautner's views on portraying Jacob's 'cool' character in New Moon. PopEater also posted an interview with Peter Facinelli, who portrayed Carlisle in the Twilight film, as he talks about the possibility of Dakota Fanning joining the New Moon cast. ReelzChannel.com also has a 5 most anticipated scenes in New Moon listed in its site, as contributed by Twilight fansites.

MTV features one of its staffer's opinions regarding the Edward Cullen doll. Check out what she thinks here.


  1. coffee said...

    is Dakota Fanning old enough to show up in Twilight as a teenager?

  2. Rome said...

    Kristen is squeezing 3 or 4 flicks before New Moon. How about you, RPattz? Please don't waste your talent. [minamic]

    I'm sorry, OT. I cannot help but agree/share the same sentiments with Mimami's tweet. Amen!

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