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News Round-Up: January 6

MTV gives us a list of what the Twilight cast will be working on this year. Looks like the busiest person on the cast is Cam Gigandet. [Mabs will be so happy.]  Ashley Greene talks further about Shrink and working with Kevin Spacey here.

Twilight is still earning some money and is set to jump over Madagascar 2 to the #7 spot in 2008's list of Highest Grossing Films.

The Reelz Channel Spotlight has a new feature on Twilight here.

I just discovered an interesting site called The-Numbers.com - or at least it's interesting to movie buffs like me. Some of you may know about this already, but let me share it, nonetheless, to those who don't. The site provides Box Office numbers and DVD sales figures, but the neat thing you can do on their site that I really like is to check the total Box Office Earnings of your favorite actors based on their movies' earnings. For example, here's the worldwide box office earnings of all of Robert Pattinson's movies to date ($2.1 BILLION. wow.) Here's Kristen Stewart's chart ($688.9 MILLION only, despite having more movies than Rob. Harry Potter is a big factor.)   You can access the website here.   Have some numerical fun! :)


HisGoldenEyes.com has a report on something rather disturbing about the Twilight Perfume which was recently released by Hot Topic. Apparently, the apple-shaped bottle is almost identical to the bottle design of the Nina perfume by Nina Ricci. Perez Hilton and Trendhunter.com also made that observation. [Photo Credit: HisGoldenEyes]

MTV has a clip with Edi Gathegi in his new movie, My Bloody Valentine 3D here.

Twilight Series Theories has an interview with Christian Serratos (Angela Weber) here.

The Hollywood Reporter has an article about directors working in the current financial climate. The piece mentions Catherine Hardwicke and her recent departure from the Twilight franchise. Click here to read the article.

The trailer for The Summerhouse, Rob Pattinson's new indie film that's set to be released in April is now online. You can see it via YouTube.


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