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Rob Drops Out of "Parts Per Billion"

MTV is reporting that Rob Pattinson has dropped out of the film Parts Per Billion, where he was supposed to star with Rosario Dawson and Olivia Thirlby. Rob's agent has cited the schedule for New Moon as the primary reason for this decision.

Click here to read MTV's full report.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot Outtake


  1. Rome said...

    I read Larry's article thrice to convince myself that I'm not dreaming, that it's true. *wails*

    So much for wishing to see Rob in another movie. As if How To Be or Little Ashes will be shown here... *wails some more*

    - cut fan girl mode ;) -

  2. issa said...

    that's too bad. oh well, new moon's got to come first. :D

  3. Melissa said...

    Bummer. :(

    Guess we'll just have to wait for How To Be and Little Ashes on DVD.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Wait! i have a question, why aren't they going to show little ashes and how to be here in manila? thanks!

  5. Rome said...


    From what I've heard, distribution reasons for How To Be and highly mature content (and I do mean, mature) for Little Ashes. Two main reasons I can think of but it all boils down to this especially for Little Ashes: MTRCB. =P

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