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News Round-Up: 17 February 2009

In a previous post, we reported that NECA is coming up with an Edward and Bella action figure set which is due out on May 2009. There are now pictures from a recent Toy Fair of an Alice Cullen action figure, also due out this year. Click here for a better view of Alice's face, and here for more photos of other NECA Twilight merchandise. Please remember that this is just a prototype figure and some details may change when it's finally released.

HitFlix.com is confirming that Rob Pattinson will be a presenter at the 81st Academy Awards, which will be airing this coming Sunday in the U.S., and Monday morning (Feb. 23) in the Philippines via ABS-CBN.

If you're planning a trip to Japan sometime next month, better plan it around the time that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be there to promote Twilight. :)

Just for fun: A law student on Livejournal wanted to take a little break from studying for the Bar Exam and decided to list the crimes that the Cullens have committed.


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