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News Round-Up: 5 February 2009

We apologize if there haven't been any updates here on the blog. mabelletaka and I have been extremely busy at work.

Anyway, here are the news items that have accumulated while we were busy outside of the Twilight universe:

As long as the New Moon cast list remains a mystery, there will be casting rumours flying everywhere. The latest to come out of the New Moon rumour mill is this one: Kellan Lutz's co-star in 90210, AnnaLynne McCord, is said to have auditioned for the role of Heidi (one of the Volturi). Read the full story on E! Online here. Thanks to Mary Grace for the tip.

Also speeding uncontrollably out of the rumour mill is the news that Lionsgate is going to acquire Summit Entertainment. Hollywood Insider thinks that this is unlikely (and so do I), since Summit is doing very well on its own, especially now that it has a hit franchise in Twilight.

Variety is reporting that the New Moon cast will be shooting scenes in Volterra in May of this year. In the same article, they also reported about Eagle Films' acquisition of the distribution rights for New Moon in Italy. Read the full story here.

Some of the stars of New Moon dish to Access Hollywood about some details on the script of the sequel. There's also more info about the film from scriptwriter Melissa Rosenberg here.

Media Boulevard has a very detailed interview with Solomon Trimble.

Lastly, author Stephen King was recently interviewed by USA Today, and his comments about Stephenie Meyer and Twilight sparked some rather violent reactions from Twilight fans.

[Stephen King isn't the most diplomatic person out there when it comes to commenting on certain issues and personalities, so I'm really not surprised. He is usually very candid. While I personally think his comment about Stephenie in a public forum is somewhat uncalled for, he is entitled to his opinion, and Twilight fans shouldn't really over-react to this. What I found more noteworthy is that he's got a good pulse on what makes Twilight so appealing to its target audience. And even more interesting, we actually said the same thing in a discussion in Danag Podcast Episode 11, which will be uploaded in time for Valentine's, but which we recorded last week. Watch out for that! -CdL]


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